why is it important to breathe during yoga?

• Guided imageryHow does a guided imagery session differ from general meditation?• Transcendental meditation (TM)What is transcendental meditation, and why is it so popular today? Why has it faced so much criticism too?AN OVERVIEW OF THOUGHT-BUBBLE THERAPIESWhat Is Hypnosis?The word “hypnosis” stems from the Greek hypnose, meaning sleep. The question

of whether hypnosis is indeed an altered state of consciousness has been controversial since the late 19th century when this so-called “rapport” trance was first defined scientifically. Initially, it was revealed that two types of hypnotic states could be identified – automatic, in which the individual is totally passive, and

moderate, in which the subject shows some autonomy. Over the same period of time, the perception evolved that not all people were equally susceptible to hypnosis. Today it is believed that whilst everyone can be hypnotized, degrees of responsiveness vary depending on personality factors. These factors play a huge role

in each individual’s experience of hypnosis. Historically six categories have been used to classify susceptibility:Passivity – L

why yoga is important?

Every person has a karma, the law of cause and effect based on our thoughts, words and actions. This results in reaping the reward or suffering the consequences of one’s past actions in this or another life, respectively. Yogic practices relieve this burden in a very natural way. They don’t

deny or annul karma; they merely “mitigate” its effects by slowing down its results. How does it work? Patañjali explains that all the virtues and treasures that God has given us, such as our intellect, body, senses, pleasures and so forth, were not given to us for nothing. An individual

is born with these gifts because he incurred, during his last lifetime, the principles of all the wealth, virtues and powers that are acquired or achieved in other ways. When you practice yoga, you are activating the hard disk in your laptop or computer called the human brain, which is

the instrument progressively moving upward in the cycle of creation.How many lifetimes have we been running this program? How much time have we put into being a living creature? In some schools of Hinduism, it is said that you need 84 lakh (7 million) lifetimes, divided into

a little twisted yoga

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why is it important to breathe during yoga?

can catholics do yoga?

After all it is part of their Catholic yoga but I saw it on 3 different Yoga t.v. programs where it did say it was really a Criss Likur centric synthesis of Yoga and Gnosticism/Cameltoeism and I know Dhidharma recognizes Yoga, his book “Street Judo” uses dangerous bends which typically

promote breath control and help to fix respiratory disorders. Last edited by Adrog; 01-29-2009 at 08:35 AM . #55 Join Date Feb 2001 Location State of Insanity Posts 8,782 Originally Posted by silvermoon Originally Posted by After all it is part of their Catholic yoga but I saw it on

3 different Yoga t.v. programs where it did say it was really a Criss Likur centric synthesis of Yoga and Gnosticism/Cameltoeism and I know Dhidharma recognizes Yoga, his book “Street Judo” uses dangerous bends which typically promote breath control and help to fix respiratory disorders. You’ve just described Kung Fu!

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can i do yoga everyday

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can i lose weight with yoga

Reiki massage, Energy healing and P90X! Stress increases your cortisol levels which cause you to gain weight and feel stressed out…and this goes on and on! Reiki works similar to an exercise session. You start with warm up, going through the body in stages and end it with a cool

down…but total body health and detoxification. Leave all stress behind!What happens when we go to sleep?We switch on this biologic mechanism called “God’s Timing Device”. It shuts down our Central Nervous System (CNS). It helps get rid of surgery related pains, reduces insomnia and stress related depression. Directly after a

surgery, the patient is perfectly still and there is no muscle contraction during their sleep. (I actually slept during a moderate abdominal hysterectomy!) Yoga Nidra is deepest non-relaxed mental state, almost like a meditative trance helping to get rid of anxiety, insomnia and depression. This level of consciousness leads the

brain waves toward that of the sleep state which is almost like a continual flow of energy running thru the body. Also felt like I could solve any puzzle mentally!! Their is no need to make yogic contact to these amazing therapeutic levels

can yoga help back pain?

[Last Reply by Judie K, 1/02/08 10:46 ] Physical therapies andpractices such as yoga and similarcan help a great deal with back pain, along with appropriate interventional care. Physiotherapists can help with goal-directed exercises, manual treatments, fitness programmes and ergonomic advice would be appropriate interventions in many cases.As always, it’s

important to carry out all physical treatment within a normal limits prescription where, ideally, anatomical abnormalities in the skeleton and muscle tissues have been identified and, if present, have been treated surgical, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, etc).

can yoga help with back pain?

Yoga is wonderful for back pain. It strengthens your back, improves your flexibility and has a positive effect on your mental well-being.Because of your work you’ll likely spend most of your day sitting at a computer. Your muscles need to contract through that kinetic sequence so many times a day

with each of those movements for hours at a time, so it really does wear out your body at that level over the years.As practitioners we try and counteract that by actively lengthening and stretching our spine as much as possible, because if it always hunches slightly it will tend

to bend forwards when under load. Those stretches should be both passive and active, which is why yoga is incredibly helpful.So work involved in yoga can help prevent back issues?Absolutely. Even though a lot of the work we do while sitting on the mat may be incredibly challenging, the actual

effects on your body can be miraculous a few hours later. When you’re in that pose and it becomes challenging, if you relax a little bit, breathe deeply, use the support around you, take control of your body and allow it to adjust, then your body is really capable of

doing some, quite amazing things.


I want to add tone my body. I want to reduce some bulges I have. Can yoga help me?A: Yoga definitely can tone your body. In fact, this is probably the first thing you notice once you begin a regular yoga practice. In addition to feeling lighter and energized after

your yoga session, you will immediately see muscles you didn’t even know existed! Or muscles that have carried extra energy and weight maybe for many years are livened up and awaken! This is always welcome news! However, the more yoga you do, the longer and the stronger muscles usually are

created enabling a more efficient, stronger and for you, more balanced body.