what is chair yoga?

Chair yoga is all about creating an effort, not an im-pact. It depends on your ability to leverage soft joints through carefully selected movements, breathing and flow. In other words, your muscles don’t need to work at all—no burn zone. The weight-bearing nature of a chair is suitable for almost

any age and level of fitness—and the calming effect of slow, continuous movement allows you to focus and to tune out while the movement helps you to tune in and back into yourself. Chair yoga offers so many variations that there’s something for everyone (get my meaning?) across all levels

of wellness, from special exercises for people who have diabetes or experience balance issues from Parkinson’s disease to moves favored by a pregnant woman or someone recovering from heart surgery. There are even cue cards for those who deal with chronic pain or anxiety and family members who are caretakers.get

startedGrab a yoga mat and three cushions of different thickness to create three levels, then sit on one of the cushions and place your mat over another. If you don’t have these items, you can substitute rubber place mats or underlay newspaper or thin towels. Use your notebook to take

what is kriya yoga

The word kriya is made up of two syllables: the first, “kri,” from the Sanskrit root क्रं , krama, refers to a series or (energy) movement, form or technique; while the second, “yā,” is the feminine gender genitive ending. The word yoga can be entered into western dictionaries in three

different ways: as 1. union, 2. a school of Indian philosophy, and 3. metaphysical states brought about by specific disciplines. It can also refer to any type of bending exercise. All these meanings find direct counterparts in ancient Indian tradition. The understanding of yoga in ancient India was not limited

to just sitting cross-legged, nor was it restricted to the particular philosophical school of Yoga. It comprised far more than the somatic references associated with asanas. And it certainly went far beyond the common misconception of yoga practice as simply “exercising one’s way to improved well-being.” In fact, the concept

of union sometimes referred to the joining of the individual soul consciousness with the supreme universal consciousness—nothing short of blissful enlightenment.In its technical usage and in order to properly

what is pilates vs yoga?

If you’re not familiar with either of these disciplines, you may think that practitioners of pilates and yoga are essentially training for the same thing—physical fitness. And to a degree, this is true. Both practices include exercises meant to strengthen muscles, build endurance (cardiovascular-related), improve posture, relieve stress, and increase

flexibility.But while there are some physical similarities between these two disciplines, they are also wildly unique. Both have been known to exist in their current forms for more than a century—pilates having roots in the 1880s by mat maker Joseph Pilates, who developed his system to help dancers recover from

the physical demands of the ballet posture Swan. But both did shift into something much more physical fitness-y over time.what is pilates?As an exercise discipline, pilates is named after its creator, Joseph Pilates. Originally an avant-garde movement system created to help dressage riders, it became a basic disciplinary workout for

people of all ages, fitness levels, and body types. It stresses the use of smaller, controlled movements to help improve muscle tone and control. When it comes to clientele, pilate studios often see clients who want to
what is chair yoga?

what is tantric yoga?

Tantric yoga utilizes postures and control of the breath to open specific meridians or shakti lines through the body. These shakti lines run along both sides of each chakra, which is said to be “the seat of every subtle force in man”. When one translates this statement onto an actual

physical level (as opposed to a spiritual level), it basically means that these shakti lines represent energy channels that when blocked will cause chronic ailments in the associated organs.I think this is the closest link we can come to the actual way energy flows within the body. Keep in mind

that energy flows where it wants within the body, but if the energy flow gets blocked, you will come down with more chronic problems. There are times though that serious blockages will not allow any energy flow at all and these are the conditions that would be considered disease. It

is important to understand then, from a layman’s stand point (instead of a regular physician’s professional standing) that these acupuncture points within the body are critical for the effectiveness of tantric yoga. I want then to discuss them some more in terms of the meridians or shakti lines.The heart chakra

what is the difference between yoga and pilates?

I exercise and lift weights a lot, is agility training the same I did years ago?What makes it different??How can it help me?Do your classes include community service like cleaning up litter?Can my child join you in a class?Tell us about your clothing company Karma Apparel.Can we purchase your two

books on Amazon.com? How about Yoga for Power?Who writes your books? Illustrates your DVD’s?

what religion is yoga

2. Is it only the eastern religions that practice yoga?3. Does it have to do with soul travel as well?4. Do you have any about practicing yoga?_________Yoga In HinduismMy Notes:1. YOGA IS A SUSTAINED PHYSICAL AND MENTAL EFFORT TO CONTROL OR MASTER THE PRIMARY EMOTIONAL REACTIONS BY DISCIPLINE OF THE



what size yoga ball do i need

I want to start a yoga-ball core class. The place I am looking to do it has a class set up on the 3rd floor with a 16′ ceiling. They would like the ball twice its regular size to drop 14′.Does anyone have advice on getting the right ball? It

screws my brain that they don’t use a weighted one. I can’t afford al the 50 lb weights.Any help appreciated.

where to buy yoga mats?

via karmaananda.ca~ ~One of the most important materials needed to practice yoga are yoga mats! This where I have problems! Yes, you can use your carpet because it is soft but that does not create a proper surface for doing yoga and eventually you will ruin it. My yoga teacher

told us that new mat really are the best, it has more grip and is more stable which will prevent the big slip during down dog (man!). Nothing happened during my first class not slippery at all! The teachers just laughed at me! Lol I guess it’s true now I

have a brand new mat and love it!And this time it is a green one:via durtydurtydoog.wordpress.comMade out of natural rubber latex this mat has a grass top layer which makes the grip really nice~ ~In the photo shown the mat I got from Yoga Space Vedanta Society, purchase from them

is only reasonable! I must say that since my first Yoga class, I go their once a week. Besides, It is cheaper then Barre East Cambridge as well.This is how it looks like in person:


According to yoga philosophy, one’s birth stature is determined by the sum total of all one’s good and bad deeds, right and wrong things done in previous births. For example, if you have suffered illness or accidents you have probably not been a real Yogi. It appears that you need

Yoga for height to be less pronounced; perhaps it would even increase your height. You see both taller and shorter people especially during Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation where yogis negate their lives according to height such as lengthening the muscles in your height from longevity and turning free to

take short people and changing your entire body according light you want different things. How long does it take to make Yoga for height?Police officers claim that being short does make it hard to apprehend criminals and deal with some public situations like riot control.As well as finding partner for