does yoga help with posture?

yes and no, really depends on which style you can do. good posture is a combination of things: good muscular strength, reflexes, flexibility, relaxation and in some instances a feeling of groundedness. yoga stretches can help with flexibility, aided by the physical part of yoga that revolves around postural alignment in standing/seated poses to instruction … Read more

where to buy yoga pants?

I know i can find them in Walmart and Target, but I want to know what has the best price, size, where to buy them in person, or online (amazon,, big5 sports).Just help me out. I really want to get some. Thanks.Hi, I am a fitness instructor who loves yoga pants. They hug everything … Read more

what is yoga for?

“it is what we breathe”to know more, click on the imagein These Days” there are boundless Yogas. Particular Yoga may vary in different schools. But there is one Yoga which is common to all who practice any asana, physical or mental discipline; a consciously accumulated power which makes discipline more easy and continued it forever. … Read more

what is hot yoga called?

i have a feeling i might not like it. but you never know until you try it! just thought i’d wanna know, haha.fair enough. does it matter what type of yoga she does, as long as she keeps doing it?I think it’s just important to keep doing to all types of stretching, especially if it … Read more

is yoga good for losing weight?

There is a bevy of info out there about yoga for weight loss, but studies have found that it’s not as effective for shedding extra pounds as it is for improving health and muscular strength and increasing flexibility.Yoga offers many benefits but if you want to lose weight and build muscle quickly, pilates may be … Read more

how to practice yoga?

do you have some specific instruction or resource for normal people?some days you feel like… (fill the blank) and so you go to do yoga and you actually do it! LOL, that’s fantastic! When I got started my default excuse was “I feel so bloated.” Now any excuse applies and I can go get in … Read more

does yoga lower blood pressure?

only when you’re grounded. to do this you have to bring your focus to the physical presence of the body, no daydreaming or ruminating about the past , just your body in that present moment whether it’s your breath, sunlight on your body, or a simple sweat…………..i say this because it’s easy to see pain … Read more